Julia De lellis Instagram: appearance, as always, super fashion


Julia De lellis Instagram: appearance, as always, super fashion

Julia De Lellis Instagram: one click away from a model that represents the view of a significant trend. Fashion influencer and the model captures all the attention. View, which, of course, can not pass unnoticed and that this mini trench coat with belt at waist. Fancy white and black, which is restored in the same colors of the bag.

The choice to avoid the tights to wear socks can be interesting……but temperature still not spring, of course, does not make them showed. At first glance sandals fuchsia with plateau and high heels. Yes, high, but, of course, the effect is very simple. The first floor is removed in the word, very intense makeup that enhances the color of his eyes, the full lips in front, and wavy hair.

His face became very famous after participating in Men and Women and her relationship with Andrew of the mother of God. Despite many of the tattoos in this shoot, if they don’t see is covered with clothing. All the facts on hand, except for one ankle.

Makeup is always flawless

Her eyes make-up considering that running one channel make-up on YouTubeby the way , much later. Let’s focus on the makeup in this photo Instagram-Julia De Lellis: face powder perfectly and so got her to not really notice the difference on the neck, brows and eyes highlighted only with mascara.

Taking into account also the influence of light, we can say that the eyeshadow is very soft, so as not to create any focal point. Lips slightly up, but not too well defined and meaty. A light layer of blush and makeup for this shoot is perfect.

At the exhibition of her feet and a coat that accentuates. Emphasizes the waist, black belt, while his gaze falls on the sandals. Weirdos? If appearance, then consider it as a whole we can say that no, fluo color, every day is a bit risky, but that this dress will be very good.

Sandals and socks……choice

Socks Yes ” or ” no socks? Well, there are those who fun and sexy to wear so and those who just don’t like. In influencer-Julia De Lellis and made a choice controversial, but, without a doubt, attracts attention and emphasizes even more the beauty of sandals. The bag is very minimal in order not to exceed…….if you are wondering what to wear……it’s hard to say. Of course, a mini dress, something very easy, given the “length” coat.

If you like os, you can also choose to wear it you need to have character, because it will not pass unnoticed. Always appearance is a big trend which reflect the needs on the catwalk, play it safe and not make mistakes. Then, perhaps, customize and make your may even use what you already have in your closet.

Don’t forget that Julia De Lellis and caring him very much the appearance of…eyes on the selection of make-up. If you have clothes to wear on top, as she did not overdo it with makeup.