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For some time now, Epic Games niesportowym tried to conduct during the tournaments, Fortnite, by of you fighters who broke the rules “code of conduct”. Game developers decided to take a further step in this direction by non-verbal signals, for the policy in terms of potential read between the players.

How can the deduction from the official information from Epic Games today, the US Studio intends to pay more attention to the Manifestation of the connection between the rivals, the for these Tools in the game. All cases of alleged Alarm, the following methods are now being reviewed and will be punished for any collusion between players.

In the year 2020 (from 20.01.2020), we take measures to combat any communication between the opponents take by tones in the official tournament games. This concerns, among other things, the following elements: wave Picks, the use of Emoticons, toy throwing, and jumping. In all cases of Alarm, as listed above, will now be the penalty for the interaction of a conspiracy. We want to emphasize that the fight during the game is acceptable, but when it comes to trying to Alarm, we will, in fact, and we take the necessary measures, by the penalty for the interaction of a conspiracy. Penalties for persons, who systematically violate the rules, can be more serious.

Epic Games (Source)

Epic Games said, however, expressly, that the signals are not punished if they were not used for the communication with other players. So what happens if you use boredom Smileys or wielding the hoe, then you don’t have nothing to worry about… probably.