Matteo Salvini and Francesco Totti, a handshake in the snow. And social go crazy


Handshake between Matteo Salvini and Francesco Totti (Instagram)
Handshake between Matteo Salvini and Francesco Totti (Instagram)

Milan, 28 February 2020, “Captain! In court Francesco Totti“- says the other “Captain” Matteo Salvini on Instagram, post a photo, a handshake between the two at the cottage Trentino (it seems that in Madonna di Campiglio) with mountains in the background. And social, inevitably, go crazy. Pure ecstasy for the meeting of two captains on one side – anger, because of the League “traitor”, and his “Milan”. “On one side and the captain on the other, and”, “2 captains on one breath,” some of the comments of the faction of Pro-click. “A traitor with a capital letter, it always hurt Milan, and now from day to day to go to Rome,” the tenor of comments from those who think the opposite way.

Critics they fall on opposite sides for published – all from the Trentino, photos with salami and cheese, to liven up the message “Products from Trentino, we love Italy.” “Yes, a Christian who’s forgotten Friday of Lent,” writes someone, keeping in mind that one should not eat meat, while others dispute the rest in the period of threat Coronavirus.