Ninja has his own Skin for Fortnite!


Managed it at last, the most popular Streamer Fortnite Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has its own separate Skin in the game. This is Fortnite for the first time in history, when the developers create a case dedicated to influencerowi.

The theme is so reminiscent Ninje. The hero wears a yellow fascia on the head, he has blue hair. Facial features and physique very carefully Ninjy appearance convey. But see for yourself how the Skin looks.

In addition, Peeling in several variants, for example, Katanas, which clips on the back were. In addition, Epic Games released “Pon Pon” emotions, which is associated with skinem. The theme for the player will be available from tomorrow – on 16.

Such a move on the part of Epic Games not surprisingly, the Ninja character is directly in connection with a game that helped her rozsławić. It is like a gift in gratitude to him, and a great discovery for Fans of the game, and the streamera.