Ninja pocisnął children who complain Fortnite on the current season


This season in Fortnite caused very mixed feelings. Some write that they are Super, others Vice versa.

12 season Fortnite awakening from the winter sleep, and, in fact, as many people returned to the production of Epic Games, enjoy the new mechanics, good Balance, or interesting places.

It is also such, but the complaints about the lack of large changes and further Stagnation. It is for you and went to Ninja during one of the last video stream.

Ninja for children to complain about

During his streamu, one of the spectators wrote constantly to see the wrong in Fortnite, and it is a pity, as he dies. Ninja, definitely not agreed.

This silly little children don’t understand it. You don’t give yourself a Chance. People, the more hejtują Fortnite only weakly in him, and complain that you can’t win, or is it just hejterzy.

On Ninjy, this 12-season, the best since months. As he, himself, Epic says that, finally, he did a good Job, and again wants to play, by learning everything from the beginning.


And the Ninja is a Ninja, a week ago, complained on the long term in Fortnite, and, as we have heard, plays the Solo for him, it was completely pointless on the balance. Can complain for a week streamer again, and then again enjoy the Balance.

Of course, Fortnite went stronger. Today, however, there were no content Updates and the only Patch for the Playstation 4 has been asked to further optimization. It is not a good Omen for the next month.