Player Apex Legends accused of Fortnite copy of ideas. This time it is the memory


Player Apex Legends found some very obvious borrowings in the 12 season Fortnite.

12 season in Fortnite brought a number of innovations, including the mechanics and the treasure chamber. Player Apex legends know it for a long time. We will remind that in the manufacture of Respawn on the map Bots can fly with a load.

Bots can contain a key that is the one in the vault…. In the middle is Loot, usually Gold, and purple.


Safes in Fortnite

Player apex a skojarzyli mechanic treasure chamber in Fortnite. Works here as well. With the difference that for the opening of the treasure chamber with the best objects, we need access cards.

Internet fast classic memes flooded with the download of the ideas.

Although Epic Games has many of his ideas, seems to be this specific, derived in a very pronounced Form. It is a great accessory that can change the balance of power.

Player Fortnite will appreciate that the new season is very positive. Although streamerzy complain during the transmission of the classical, then in their social networks positively expressed. A lot of people mind it a little back in the past. Game again quickly, the Agency reminds obłożeniem old Curved towers, weapons, and keep a good Balance.