The Minister Bocce offends Brands on Instagram, and then cancel response to the Home Advisor and blocking other users


“A real example of transparency and participation. But the brand is not “B”, and we have all the photos! Leave them between the balls of the theatre these days”

The institutional arm wrestling between the Marche Region and the national Government, you can’t help but notice the shooting of portals. Yesterday morning told Sky “Every time, without a contract, and without that we have said in the MoE or Health Institute by instructions of the Minister of Hope or of standing, decided to close schools, universities or public centres back injuries in these areas. I have all of those that Wake up and do what John Wayne. This time line gives the Minister of Hope. If there are those who want to speculate on a situation like this, if he will take responsibility”. Instead, you news last night that the Minister for Regional development, local self-Government Francesco Boccia posted a message on his profile on Instagram that is not indifferent to the institutional vertices in the Marche Region. Boccia writes: “Ceriscioli took hostage the entire region, suggesting the clips, without exception, that for the Higher Institute of Health and Civil defense, which took the sacrament just didn’t make any sense. The state defended the marches of political action vile, that would lead for a few minutes, the stars, the Region in the “black list” for many countries, international… black list, from which many regions are trying to escape. A signed 13 regions without a zone cluster (and mark has no clusters) that ensures the safety and stop the virus.”

Immediately came the response, the Deputy of regional Council Anna Brands Casini: “the Marche Region in 6 patients with coronavirus, 2 of them in intensive care and 94 in quarantine. Maybe it happened that you tell her. – Don’t insult the government of the Brands I represent the definition of “violence”. We brand, we are serious people and honestfirst and foremost, the President, and it turned out widely in recent years, faced with the tragedy of which she has an account, because there was not among the dead and rubble”.

As a result, all the leading comments for most outrage and protest, including Luke, Darius, councillor of the Municipality of Pesaro:”our esteemed President had issued as a precaution a resolution as to the first, and the role must comply with, as functional, not to not to aggravate the situation. She and her staff need to calm down, to give an example and give real data. Reports that Director of the school of science city, just sent a message, which informs parents that the school a case at the school. Before writing know that!”. The symbolic comment of another user: “I Read the post while listening to door to door, and I can’t believe it. In mark 6 positive citizens, and 94 were introduced in isolation in the home a Trustee, which 34 symptomatic therapy used in the Provinces as shown below: 41, in the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, 20 in the province of Ancona, 17, in the province of Macerata, 5 in the province of Fermo and 11 in the province of Ascoli Piceno, and she doesn’t say a word about them. Without words”.

In itself, Anna returned Home, that on his profile on Facebook wrote: “I with indignation. Minister Francesco Boccia wrote this review, “institutional” on his profile. And siccp insulted our Brands and President, commented, protecting our neighborhood, and he… he deleted the comment and I’m glad I removed even those from other regions of Marche and even block some (which contained no insults, no fake)! A real example of transparency and participation. But the brand is not “B”, and we have all the photos!!! Leave them between the balls of the theater in these days.”