The “old” on Instagram teasing fans


Hot girls of the Eighties back to talk about himself even today and publishes photos that make that you can lose your head fans

Sabrina Salerno
Sabrina Salerno (photo Instagram)

We saw recently happen in San Remo twenty-nine years later We womenthe success of musicians who sing in 1991 paired with Joe bell. Wife, mother of a boy of 15 years, at the age of 52 years, Sabrina is still a great desire to have fun. And is often teased by fans in social with photos, winking and sexy to lose your head.

The inscription that accompanies his latest post says that “the Flaws in the joke.” These words of Sabrina, which cause the like and comments, a lot of interaction from its loyal users who each time give up writing and to assess how it is shared.

For shooting in question, the inscription on the shirt part of the blanket from her hands, as she looks very beautiful and smiling, to the delight of the audience.

Just read comments next to each photo published on how to understand below that, and we continue to Sabrina Salerno : “better today than 25/30 years ago,” writes his successor. Comments that come from all over the world and in all languages: “You’re like a princess” or “You’re so magnifique sourire”

Beautiful girl shows that I have had a rough time: “life gives and takes, as in all things. It is a question of balance. I had bad episodes. Madness is more common in people who have values less and less healthy, and people will go out of my head. I’ve seen a lot of crazy, today more than ever.”

In the pop-social, which gives a very said: “the media come to me amazing things in the Borderlands. The same idiots, lock them down, those who exaggerate their complaints. I don’t want to go insulting people. Do sex offenders have always been there when I was 17 years old, of the physicality of the crack. Maybe they are attracted to. But the crowd often goes beyond sexuality.”

From the “Boys” at San Remo 2020. His career

Sabrina Salerno
Sabrina Salerno to Sanremo 2020 (photo Instagram)

She was the Queen of disco music in the late eighties in my head, many young people of that era. Discovered and launched by Claudio Cecchetto, gained popularity throughout Europe thanks to the smash “Boys (Summertime love)”.

Thank you for musical success, and also received the role of an actress in performances have become iconic of the genre, as the series “Professional holiday” and “Department stores”. Not enough also orders TV varieties such as “women”, “Award”, “Grand hotel” and “Odm”.

Between 1987 and 1989 was one of the most popular singers from Scandinavia to Spain thanks “My chico”, “Like a yo-yo”, “Sex” and “Gringo”.

But I remember in Italy, the song “We women”success with a friend Joe Calls and this is due to the message about the emancipation of women in the lead role with irony from the two singers.

During his career he has sold over 20 million records, and in 2020-it was the choice of Amadeus as a lead in some evenings of the Festival in San Remo.