Wanda Nara Instagram, suit sgambato, and side B on the display: “Intrigue!”

Wanda Nara you can meet the Italian public thanks to the sports program Tiki Like This. From January 2020, every week comes into the homes of viewers of the Channel 5 with its role in the news Big Brother Vip-2020. In addition, the charming Vanda is also very active in social media. Instagram profile Wanda Nara has more than 6 million subscribers, who each day used on his many adventures. A few hours ago in the habit from time to time of nostalgia, sent him photos in a bikini of course, breathtaking. And suit sgambato showing off her B-side, so the best ideas on the imagination of his fans.

Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara Instagram: costume sgambato, while side B at the exhibition

Followers Wanda Nara on Instagram gone into a tailspin before memory photo in a bikini. The dancer described his post: “February in the house…a dream of summer”. In click beauty Vanda has been immortalized in the back, wearing a suit sgambatissimo. In the scene, showing off her B-side is, to put it mildly, suitable. In addition, her long blond hair they let loose on her shoulders, give the whole picture of air, extremely sensual. His appeal is undeniable. Every time Wanda knows how to attract the attention of fans, who in a short time invaded post, like and comments.

In “panorama” amazing

The reaction of the supporters Wanda Nara before his photo in a suit it was incredible. There is nothing to do, she is the Queen of Instagram. Fan wrote: “Nice and beautiful cu*or, congratulations” and then he added: “Mmmm, I’d be mad!” For dancers only compliments: “Beauty inside and out!” Fan used several adjectives to describe: “You are a wonderful, beautiful, lovely, lovely, wonderful, beautiful and very sexy!” Follower wrote: “Wow, what a beautiful sight!” Finally, many said “My mother, that shows that you are beautiful!”