Who Is Jacopo Brass? Age, height, fiancee, Friends, songs, Instagram


OneWho is Jacopo Brass: age, height and girlfriend

Jacopo Brass was born in Sumy in 1999. It age thus, 21while it height it 168 cm. About her personal life we know that he participated, as a boy, secondary school Sandro Pertini, then to enter the Conservatory, learning, a strong passion for music. The singer also sister, Giorgiahe is very attached.

For music, Brass I agree, the passion for football. The artist is actually playing in U. S. D. Quiliano&Valleggiabut is the property of Savona Football. Wearing shirt number 9 and play the role of the left external attack. Moreover, the singer also works as a clerk in the administration of the cemetery.

In a wonder, even if Jacopo Brass we have girl. Thanks to his profile Instagramit turned out that the artist has a companion, Gretawhich often appears in social networks. Two seem very close, and the singer admitted that she loves him unconditionally girl.

In 2019, Jacopo decided to put to the test with a new experience that will change your life. Chooses actually to present yourself at the casting Friends, 19. He learned his route, as part of a talent show Maria De Filippi.

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