Who-Javier Rojas? Age, height, fiancee, Friends, 19 and Instagram


All that we know about who-Javier Rojas dancer Friends 19: age, height, biography, personal life, girlin source and Instagram.

OneWho-Javier Rojas biography and personal life

We know better who-Javier Rojas, dancer Friends 19. It born in Havana (capital of Cuba), and 22 years.

In dance you are already a professional, because he has a lot of experience in this field that have the format is. Up to 10 years it she studied classical dance at the national School ballet of Cuba. It was her mother to enroll in this school, and his plan is completely absorbed so that today dance is everything for him.

In addition, Javier was taught the famous dancer Carlos Acosta and dby 2018, moved to Stockholm to follow their dreams to make a career in dance. I had the pleasure to work on Royal Swedish Ball and for Acosta Dancethe famous dance school in Cuba. Only real talent can achieve is worth it.

Javier Rojas you can specify a charismatic, positive, competitive and safe, which makes. Speaking about his personal lifewe know that he was engaged with some Solveigthe girl is really very beautiful. Social there are a lot of pictures, even very passionate. But their story ended about 10 days. This theme was discussed by fans in a competition within the school, and Friends. Javier, in fact, very came to the ballerina Talisa and among them was even one kiss. He said he was a loner, but doubt was as a dancer and ex-girlfriend recently passed in the evening on the phone. The same Solveig confirmed, the gap occurs for several days.

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