At the Berlin film Festival, Salma Hayek’s famous work in the Spanish film “Poetry” | the Famous

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A Mexican in Mexico Salma Hayek he took jokes about his friend, brother and colleague to a number of Javier BardemSpanish, born in the Canary Islands, and the conversation is in a good mood, you had the 70-years-film-Festival in Berlin, on Wednesday, 26/2.

The game happens in the middle of the worldwide promotion for “The roads Not Taken,” perhaps the saddest (and beautiful), out of the 15 bidders for the four people through the event.

It is a defect of the three, but none of the competitors seem to be following in the all-star team as large as in the United Salma, Bardem, Elle Fanning (cotadíssima the award for best actress) and Laura Linney.

“I like Javier, his wife (the actress Penelope Cruz is my best friend, but it was funny to see him shout: “Viva Mexico, the he-goat!” in the recordings we have made. He’s trying to say, ‘the mexican’ is the same as the us with the accent of the Spanish.”, quipped the actress, the 53-year-old, which, as usual, in a collective of this kind, and has the stage for itself.

“It is a challenge to work in the Spanish-to-search-the-world speak, the poetry in the words. Speak my language the poetry is,” she said Gshow. “You don’t speak with an accent, that it was easy,” said Bardem.

Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the Film Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the Film

Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in a scene from the Film “The road Not Taken’, Photo: adventure pictures / Handout

Acclaimed on their arrival at the hotel, the lives you, as a headquarters for the Berlin film Festival, Salma in Dolores, in the feature-length film by the English, Sally Potter. Your character is a love from the past, the writer Leo part than Bardem), to lose the consciousness for a state of insanity. He interprets the daughter of Leo, who tries to help his father.

“We rely on the support of an authority, which leads from Spain to the investigation of these cases, but at a certain point I had to give up the search and go with my intuition and find my vision for a mental condition, that they fade into oblivion,” said Bardem, tearing through the smiles of each and every new photo of your partner in the scene.

Full of projects that speak for a release this year, as well as the participation in “The Eternal”, from the Marvel comics, Salma took the tone of the memorialismo the movie with Sally, about her own trajectory on the screen.

“I was here to the screen once, in 1995, and it is one of my first films, “The alley of miracles”, and I speak Spanish. I have now seen more than two decades later, and I can do that, when I started in my career, it could be, I’m sleeping in my own country, so that it is successful. But, no, I wanted the choice in my life, and I went after him,” she said.

“I landed in the United States, and I will go back, and now, in the movie the international, which I speak in my mother language,” said Salma. “Everything in life is a matter of being able to choose,” he said.

The Berlin film Festival ends on 1. March, but will show its winners on Saturday following the decision of the Jury, under the chairmanship of the actor, the English by Jeremy Irons, the Director of the Federal state of pernambuco-Kleber Mendonca Filho (“the Nightjar” and “Aquarius”) in the jury.