Berlin film Festival: Bardem shows that he was afraid, with Salma Hayek – 26/02/2020

Salma Hayek @salmahayek

Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, and Salma Hayek, and they gave the air in hollywood, the competition in the mid-70s Berlin film Festival with the screening of “the road Not Taken’, in the English and Sally Potter-now. The Director drew on his own life to the film.

“My brother, unfortunately, still a young man with a form of dementia, and I took care of him for two years, until his death, he said it in the press conference after the meeting with the press. “But I’ve learned so much about the Psyche. The disease is a disability. Perhaps, in this tragedy, it is a space for you to parallel realities, time travel and space. I have very great respect from the people in the country, and those who care for the people of this state.”

The topic was so sensitive that since the beginning of the project and the completion of the Potter films, he has directed one other film, “The party”. “It is to digest a long film and continue to develop,” said the Director. “The time has come when Javier, a Leo was, and that He, if you have you Killed.”

In the story, which takes place in a day, Bardem, an immigrant, was a Mexican, and Leo, who suffers from a type of neurological disorder, possibly dementia. He talks about the way contradictory, it does not seem to remember, a lot of stuff is missing. His daughter, Molly (Elle Fanning) is responsible for the care of him, take him to the dentist and the eye doctor, the results are dramatic and comedic at the same time. But, in his mind, he is in the other parts. He is writing a book about Greece, or the life with Dolores, (Salma Hayek) in Mexico.

“The road Not Taken” (can be translated as: “the paths not traveled”) to the opportunities of the life you left behind. The number of times you ask, “what if?”. But it is also a lot about the special relationship between a father and a daughter, and this is the part of the work of most of it. Bardem, and Fanning does not seem to be physically on the mother, played by Laura Linney), but there is a chemistry between the two of them.

Medina, 21, said he was nervous, with the actor in the Spanish language. “This is Javier Bardem!”, he said. “I knew, to learn that in order to interpret this relationship, we have come to know us. Luckily, Sally, the depth is very fond of Tests. We talked a lot from life, from memories, experiences of proximity to death. On the day of the preparation, she was patient, and he has, in a Coca-Cola and an ipod docking station. As if my father is right,” said the actress. “When we started filming, we were in the mood,” he said.

Bardem thanked to explore the Director left him, to be the things you want to be a father. “She was brave,” said the actor. “To Me, I felt loved by Him. And I was excited to be working with Salma was just scared to death to speak Spanish with a Mexican accent,” joked.

Salma Hayek has only praise for you. “What a unique opportunity to be able to work with my favorite actor in the world, and Spanish. But it was kind of funny, because he is married to my best friend, the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. As I speak for the first time by Javier with an accent, I thought there was something wrong with him.”