Coronavirus, Elisa De Panic and nonsense on Instagram: “the South won against the North. We hate those of the North.” Users, a flood of insults


Disputes it is: “This time South won against the North“. Eliza De Panic the theme of the Coronavirus, decided you fight. In striking the last issue Big Brother Viplying on the bed with the filters on, he realized some Instagram Stories virus which turns the whole of Northern Italy. Elisa, if you go on his bed. “I hate the North, and now can’t get out. In order to immediately in Milan, Lombardy, Veneto, you need to go South and can’t. This is the most beautiful thing Coronavirus. In the end”. These are his words, and then to remove when the omelet has already been done.

Users of social networks, of course, began the slaughter. Twelve hours later, she tried to justify this: “Guys, uh, it was a joke to defuse the situation the whole situation that was not in Italy”. But, it may be years, worst hole, “he was to say that… given that the flights were all blocked, all trains were blocked, I said, well, I’m in the moment, if I were to see positivity-it all lies in Italy. I, too, was locked in Milan, that’s all. No, absolutely, it’s something serious that there is a virus around, but no matter how we look at this situation can be life-changing. Because obviously, if we close in the house, comes to us fear, we don’t just go away. this, in my opinion, the best is to wear a mask, gloves, frequent washing…”.

But not enough his apology to stop the criticism. Thomas Zoomlionhe also received from 500 subscribers, that is went down weight: “If there’s one thing that scares me more than the Coronavirus, they are idiotsand in this particular situation they come from many. Including one for all, De Panic (…) But do you think that this is a game of risiko? But what** * or are you kidding? You can synapse that a quarter of an hour. Then I can tell De Panic? Coronavirus, or not, you’re beautiful quarantine in fifth grade need to do. We’ll put you in the class, we will close you out of personal, economic, notebooks, and the flowers, from the results, at least, let’s go back a bit to normal. Now I bet he tried to take off with the beautiful'”, but I have many friends, ‘Milan’?”.

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