Everything we know about the 10 season Fortnite


Two days later, on Thursday On 1. AugustPlayer Fortnite meet each other for the first time in the next, the tenth season play already. Epic Games poczęstowało us the first graphical view, the offer of what we can expect.

At the beginning of season 10 Fortnite

The new season starts with the beginning of the next month, i.e. On 1. August. In the second half of the day, probably the technical break is on public servers, while the developers make the game in all messages. The Update 10.0 and the players have to download it before the start of the game.

The end of season 10 Fortnite

So far, in most cases every season in the game lasted approx. 10 weeks. However, there were exceptions, such as, for example, the seventh season, which lasted up to 12 weeks. Speculation of players, on the date of the termination of the new season suggest that this is done, is in the vicinity 10. October 2019.

Previews and trailers

The first Teaser was released on 28. July on the official profile on the social network Fortnite in a Twitter. In the preview, the developers have encouraged players to the memory of (think back), probably of the previous seasons.


The second Teaser sees the light of a day later, as something of the answer to this and prior. This time, the developers say, that we looked at in the future (look forward).


Battle pass

New Battle Pass it is explained probably on Thursday morning. It costs just as much as always, that is 950 V-US-Dollar. The subscription provides us with to win more than 100 prizes, as well as Progressive Outfits. If you want more details, you need to be here with her.

New to the game

Last weekend, the tournament took place Fortnite World Cupwhile those who are not interested in Esports, saw the aforementioned Teaser. Please note that one of them describes the Situation Dusty Depot. If you remember the place, then you know that you are swept away, literally, from the face of the earth, the mysterious meteorite. It is a couple of seasons back happened at the same time the first of the major changes to the map.

To this players will also witness a fight between a dog robot and a large one-eyed Monster, which appeared to be 20. August on Youtube as a movie.


What does this mean? Maybe Epic Games is preparing for something, is what will confuse us. Maybe the possibility to get, in the time, thanks to which we see us again Dusty Depot and others, once the existing provisions.

Also, the second Teaser in the Twitter, one can assume that the game will appear to be Mechs. However, it is exciting little player, because the picture suggests that the mechanics would be a kind of means of transportation, but, as we know, these can destroy strong, the Balance of the game.

Very likely, however, is that we the objects, but also properties, both with the past and in the future Fortnite.

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