Finally! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber gets to the end of the Chapter, the more cloudy your life


After 10 years, they end their relationship, clarifies the misunderstanding.

Slowly the water between rich and soothing Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. After she finished their relationship of 10 years, the singers that brought an episode that shook for a long time. Well, then break to confirm the rumor that the canadian have added to supply a diva, even at the beginning of their acquaintance. But the artist came up with a creative way to end the dispute.

Through your music! Is that Gomez, 27 years old, he composed the theme “Lots of you to love me” and took it as an escape to the complicated situation sentimental. According to a source close to the interpreter, “Selena feels easier to close finally the Chapter of Justin in your life”. Eye-to-eye, the informant said: “she loves the power, be able, by his art. It took a bit of discipline, obedience and the power of their mental health and in a good place now”.

The source –who preferred not to be identified– “she is extremely relieved to have closed this Chapter in your life. Now is the time to focus on your music and not trying to have a relationship. Still heal, but he knows now, what kind is the right and the qualities you need, your future friend, a relationship healthy, loving”.

Selena Gomez feels “relieved”

On the other hand, Hailey Baldwin, current wife of Justin
Bieber, she was also happy about what happened between the two musicians, the
a different source spoke to mid Hollywood Life. “Hailey expected that Selena
excuse me Justin, according to his last statements, so that eventually
advance can go”.

On several occasions, Baldwin
claimed that you did not expect this big time, although for many it was. Without
however, the model illustrates that your husband Matures a person more focused and
different. “Now Justin is working on the improvement of their mental health, the couple
the focus will be on their new music”. It is worth to remind, that the singer threw the
14. February their album “Changes”.