Fortnite adds split-screen for Multiplayer mode |


A long time ago, the collective game on a split screen the only way to play with friends. With the advancement of technology, there were changes occurring, and in Multiplayer games, and cooperation resulted in a Online game, to displace Split-Screen, which almost went into oblivion. Although all of the titles that are sown this Form of the game, they are very thin appear. Tera for the great significance of this number of exceptions is Fortnite, which has, in the last Update, the possibility of games on a split screen.

The possibility of games on a split screen, it is, in principle, interesting, but very welcome. Little title the difference at the end faster and faster in oblivion mode.

Released a few days ago an Update Fortnite 11.30 brought a number of features and changes, such as the possibility of a review of the content of the business objects on the Mobile device”, and also the change in the display of the ammunition from a String to a number. However, the biggest new feature is, without a doubt, the inclusion of the common games on a split screen. The function allows you to in the duet and Team up with a friend on a console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This means that the screen is broken is not available on the Nintendo Switch, PC still on the phone, although Epic Games notes that this is an early Version of cracked screen, and they will continue to improve, and this function, which means that the new functionality will one day appear on other platforms. Temporarily, this function is disabled, as on PS4 and Xbox due to various problems, however, soon again.

Layout of the screen, of course, is limited to modes in which both players belong to the same Team. This fraud through cooperation avoids, in spite of the enemies to be. This function is not likely to be added to the solo mode. – Multiplayer and Co-op mode with split screen, over time, increasingly less often, as a lot of the Online games has led to the fact that this function is not normally required. Nice to see that Epic Games adds to this feature by you in such titles as Borderlands 3, offer the opportunity to the games on a split screen in the year 2019.