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The manual contains valuable tips for the players to greatly increase their chances for survival and defeat your enemies with the help of weapons, tools, resources, and structures.

Brings top-secret knowledge for the players on the seven basic elements of the game:

Under characters/character customize and improve

Parachute jump from the Bus fighting, and the selection of the ideal country place

To avoid safe Exploration of the island and a thunderstorm

Find and collect the best weapons, ammo and trophies

Extraction of resources (wood, brick, and metal)

The construction of fortresses and structures

Survival fight to the last man standing

As well as the fact that the Gameplay is going to be in the game Fortnite Battle Royale never so, this Tutorial Fortnite teaches, as you are offensive strategy and defensive, to dramatically the chances of survival will increase with every Action-combat.

It is a book both for beginners as well as experienced players. Beginners can faster of the Status “noob” and experienced players to give up an advantage over their competitors thanks to the measures of training and samouczkom instructions and trikami that will not find anywhere else to.