Fortnite takes the next changes. Now is the time to the selection of capabilities


Fortnite from the long time very popular among the players. This is, of course, with a well-balanced Gameplay, as well as the many new Features that are introduced by the Label. This time another Update crashed a lot of excitement in the world of games, Epic decided to really a little bit in the style of the game. The user noted at the beginning of many changes, the likely effect on the further fate of the hero in the fight for survival. Curious what this time, Epic Games will surprise us?

Game Studio announced some time ago, the next big Update Fortnitethat bring a lot of changes. Among them is to appear, in particular, reprogramming of the procedure of the selection of the players. Version 10.40, which will be available soon, can be a breakthrough and win a still larger number of players in front of the screens. Maybe Battle Royale, there is still a Chance, punch-to-date Top games, such as, for example, Minecraft. Are you ready for these changes?


Epic Games and News in Fortnite

Fortnite already with the first day of the game are very popular. Didn’t have to wait long, the turnover rates of well over 10 million. Was the first popular Position among the players for years that even more your participation in the Gameplay stimulates. Epic Games felt so anxious from time to time varied maps, opponents, as well as the possibilities of the hero, what is the next Update. As Epic explains:

Since the publication of Battle Royale strategy of selection for our main modes remained essentially unchanged. In the last two years, the range of skill of players has grown significantly.

Yet it is not clear how the changes will look like, but the Studio has decided to their plans briefly explain, in connection with Fortnite.

New game search in Fortnite

Epic Games have decided to be a little closer to his players and plans in connection with the improvement of the logic of the selection of the players in the battle mode. Apparently, it is leveling the possibilities of the players, that make all of the games are Fair to play. Whether sure, however, that this is happening so? Soon the whole System will have to be entered step by step, in all regions. So if you are real Fans of the game, you should try a new mode.

Source: The Verge

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