Francesca Cipriani Instagram, causing animal: “What a puss!”


Queen chrysalis, without a shadow of a doubt, not to reflect Francesca Cipriani. The dancer has just ended his experience as co-leading de The pupa and the Nerd (and Vice versa). An adventure that will surely remain in the memory of all spectators. Beautiful dancer is also very active in social media. A few hours ago, Instagram Francesca Cipriani has published her photos of course, especially. The Queen Of Dolls dress “kitty” made entirely from the mind of followers. There is nothing to do, her sensuality is undeniable. It explosive curves taking every time the attention of fans that slow down their imagination in numerous comments to the post.

Francesca Cipriani

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Francesca Cipriani Instagram: provocante in animals

Charming Francesca Cipriani decided to spice up the day his followers by posting a picture of him, certainly interesting. The singer shared with them his costumes. In click dress Francesca “kitten”: dress animals in shades of pink and black and ears headband in pairs. In deep v-neck it shows “rich” sill. And finally, the beautiful Cipriani is a question of how irony to her fans: “You think it’s my favorite color?” Many say that in numerous comments.

“Cat” is very sensual

Francesca Cipriani with the appearance of animals of course, intriguing he got somewhat dizzy from his followers. Fan wrote: “More and more beautiful” and added: “Very sexy”. A follower before his infinite beauty wrote: “Francesca, you’re amazing, congratulations!” Fan of answering the question, dancer commented: “Your favorite color is pink!” A wrote: “You are a remarkable woman, dressed the way you are gorgeous!” In the end, a fan said “It is always great. Francesca, you’re damn sexy!”

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Photos taken from the official Instagram profile Francesca Cipriani (@francescaciprianiofficial)