GF Vip, Clizia Incorvaia back on Instagram after suspension


It is closed to her famous red door Big Brother Vip 4but we believe that the fate waiting for many more surprises: Clizia Incorvaiareturned home after experiences in the house more followed in Italy, it now remains to wait. And at the same time, released them on Instagram, after several days of silence, forced.

It the location inside the House in GF Vip 4 willing to do anything on the first pages of gossip: a love story that was born in front of the cameras with Paul Ciavarro, but also for disputes associated with some unpleasant words, which he pronounced against Andrea Denver. Words that led to disqualificationheavy measure, that the production decided to take the second time in this embodiment, it is touched even to Save Venezianoper on suggestions of sexism and violence vs Elisa De Panic.

Last Monday, so Clizia Incorvaia refused reality show in tears. Tears, caused by understand the actions spent in the House, but also grief, to leave Paul. Him, face, affecting Sicily, was narrow beautiful report, and then falls into a subtle flirtation. The two said goodbye with a kiss full of passion and sadness, promised to consider as soon as possible. And just got back to Instagram, Clizia dedicated to his young Ciavarro his first post.

In Incorvaia shared in the media and video of last kiss in the House Vip GF-4, and then the beautiful picture, which depicts a beach with a beer. Paul, it’s actually long been admitted that for him romance to split a beer at sunset in FregeneClizia and wanted to remember it so do a gentle “I’ll wait here. Come back a winner,” wrote in the caption referred to her new love.

Ex-wife of Francesco Will it seems, thus, agreed with the serenity of the tool took from Big brother Vip in its region, at a time when Paul Ciavarro left a bit upset. Soon after parting Clizia, in fact, the young man sailed to confession, and she gave Ludovit Stuhr on her tears, showing how it for him it will be difficult to continue the path in the House without his new flame.

Clizia Incorvaia

Clizia Incorvaia – Source: Instagram