Hailey Bieber portrays your silhouette with leggings red in Los Angeles

Hailey Bieber @haileybieber

The model Hailey Bieber thus your figure and your fitness when leaving a gym in Los Angeles to train California.

The celebrity, the 23-year-old decided after training with a set of sports completely red. The top is a crop top, long sleeve, wore left bare, marked abdominal. On the bottom was used, for example leggings the emphasised her shapely legs.

The leggings red they belong to the brand Gymshark and costs 55 us dollars, roughly equivalent to 1,052 Mexican pesos.


Photo: Grosby Group

The wife of singer Justin Bieber was added to the outfit with a pair of tennis sport in the color black of the brand Nike. Enjoy the comfort, the model lifted her blond curls in media pigtail and not used a drop of make-up.

Hailey Baldwin since your hour fitness Studio with her friend Maeve Reilly came in and when leaving took a drink in a green color.


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After training, the model flew to France, the week of fashion of Paris. The first event he went to, was the fashion show by Saint Laurent, where she dazzled with a mini black dress with silver lines and an opening in the abdomen.

You can also enjoy a lucky streak professional, Hailey Baldwin you can enjoy your marriage with Justin Bieber. In a recent interview, the socialite said that she and her husband are waiting, work on your relationship before you have children.

However, the treatment of contraception has been used, have affected skin for two years due to the hormonal changes they generated.

Now, Hailey and Justin want to have a healthy life with exercise, healthy food and everything, what you to improve your body.

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