“If the bed you like in front of the lens”


Between person show business more sensual, without a doubt Naike Detectorthat on my profile in Instagram publishes almost every day shots, more and more bold. The profile at a red light, 45 daughter Ornella Muti, that is not a shame to publish naughty pictures in skimpy clothes, linens, or completely naked. I 256 subscribers to follow due to the high risk, the actress who a few days ago published new gorgeous portrait. More than six thousand “likes” and dozens of reviews, most positive.

Naike Detector

Naike Showed Instagram, without veils and with someone who loves him: “If in bed you like in front of the lens”

Naike Detector wrote a few days ago of course, boiling: image of leaves little room for imagination. The portrait shows the daughter Ornella Muti she g-string-pink fluothat does not contain side B round. The reflection in the mirror, reveals, and something to the side: how to bypass chest abundant 45 that is perfect body. Photos taken with the effect of cell phones seems to true love for example, a mystery man. His comrade? A woman holds the hand of someone who never shows face. The photo next to the caption: “Thank the universe that brought me to her…I love you.” Users have left or comments of any kind, some, and also colorful: “What is surprising, to read in the media the words “I love You”: it seems strange not used to it, wishes for your love and poetry that brings the feeling of the soul”wrote one user. “Facets of perfection”, he added another one. “If in bed you how to target… my Mother,” I wrote the user.

“I’m straight, model, and a creature that likes to be comfortable with your skin”

But because Naike Detector it shows without a veil in the media? Especially because it is common to see naked, while engaged in challenging yoga positions? The explanation given to her some time ago on Instagram: “I agree that women should be free to undress and dress the way they want. But I also think that it is a very important place, the social context and the society to which woman has their own freedom image. Rules. The first undressed. I’m straight, model, and a creature that likes to be comfortable with your skin and something else. It feels good and natural thing in the world for me you can close the door and undress. Is synonymous with comfort. In my Instagram, a place that I want, in accordance with the rules of Instagram, like everyone else. Rules of operation”.

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