Iv Ic Instagram, intrigue in the bathroom: “Muy bonita!”

Beautiful Iv Icthe sister of the famous footballer ” Paris Saint-Germain, Mauro, made itself know and love from the Italian public thanks to her participation in Big Brother. After the adventures in the house more followed in Italy, his career is not finished, and on Thursday, 20 November 2020 launched a new reality show. Ivan joined the cast Supervivientes 2020, that is the Spanish version of de The Famous Island. A new challenge that the dancer told his fans for help. At a time when I was gieffe faced by unspoilt nature, it hurt, so she instagram photos very interesting. Latest pictures of Ivan Icardi on Instagram the bathroom is intriguing.

Iv Ic

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Iv Ic Instagram: intrigue in the bathroom

Staff Iv Ic on Instagram decided to publish her photo is certainly intriguing. In click beautiful Ivana is lying in the bath with wear red suit in Baywatch. Thank you, for the future, on the other, the wonderful curves of the former gieffe not passed the minimum unnoticed. It generous neckline he completely took the attention of his many followers. The shooting was described as: “Qué les ha parecido nuestra superviviente Iv Ic? Es pura energía y alegría #teamivana #supervivientes2020 (What do you think about our survival Iv Ic? It is pure energy and joy)”.

The reaction of subscribers

Beautiful Iv Ic will he manage to conquer the entire audience of the reality show Supervivientes. At the same time continues to break women’s hearts on Instagram, so many compliments. Fan wrote: “You’re beautiful” and then he added: “Your eyes said intelligence!” One fan wrote: “Still, that Wanda. in .. from 10 to zero!” Many said “I always f**k fear”. In the end, the fan has formulated a hypothesis: “What beautiful Breasts, what a suit!”

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Photos taken from the official Instagram profile of Ivan Icardi (@ivannaicardi)