Kelly Finnigan and Atonements guide


The information, the free guide to the city

The Basic information about the account

You need to can not each account on the tab for the city, it is in the terms and conditions on the site. However, if you open an account, you can access a number of features for interactive management of content. If that is the case, it will provide you with some of the data that contains the name of the user to designate the possibly a name invented by the end-user of our services, in addition to this, and need to be, we will ask you for your e-mail address. The user name will be public on your profile is displayed on our website. But the e-mail will always be hidden and stored securely and never provided to third parties.

A Private message, and you Gave a Direct

If there is no need for the user to be in contact with each other, it is the platform, and it will never be published, and the data, the personal information, such as your e-mail address. The city can also communicate directly with them. How, for example, send you to the opening of the account, recovery of password, changes to its privacy policy, changes to the services or other information that is relevant confirmations, your connection to our website. You will never receive communication from third-party companies, unless it has been expressly selected for this purpose.

The communication to the companies on our website

A guide to the city and a directory of businesses and services that are provided has a. to all visitors, whether or not you have an account on our website If you send a contact request via the form or by booking via our Website for a business, organization, restaurant, or hotel, you will be prompted to confirm you of our privacy policy. Your personal data (E-Mail address, telephone number, if entered, your name and a message to the company that you want to achieve. So please, keep in mind that, in spite of you telling the company, carried out the same as the processing of your data in accordance with the new RGPD, the city assumes no responsibility for, the implementation of which, although not mandatory.

Note that we always try backing up your data in a secure manner. Even if the answer to e-mails made by the platform, an online-nobody in the ” guide for the city, you have access to the content of the e-mails and they are stored in encrypted form and only you, and the company is contacted, they have access to it.