Kyle “Bugha” greed village Champion ¶Carport in Fortnite. The sixteen-year-old zosta3 millionaire. The poles also played sports


In niedzielê at the New York stadium Arthur Ashe Stadium, the Central Arena of the Tennis US Open, is fina3 first championship ¶Carport found in the game Fortnite (Fortnite world Cup in 2019). In the Solo mode of incomparable okaza3 – sixteen-year-old Kyle “Bugha” greed village, the zdoby3 59 points and wyprzedzi3 Vice-Champion – Harrison “Psalma” Chang – what to see in 26 “stitches”. For zwyciêstwo in the championship ¶Carport teenage athlete otrzyma3 3 million US dollars (approx. 115 million z3otych). £±Inclusive in the Bank esportowego tournament znalaz3o – 30 million US dollars.

“Bugha” zwyciêzc± Fortnite world Cup in 2019. Teenage zgarn±3 3 in millions of US dollars

In the Finale, the Solo mode uczestniczy3o 100 players, you przebrnêli stay previously¶±c± a couple of weeks faz? eliminacyjn±. In¶znalaz3o – three poles: Eugene “teeq” Radzio (43 genere them. Place), Jaros3aw “JarkoS” Kaleta (52. Space.) and £ukasz “gaps” of the king (82. Place). Ka what each of them zainkasowa3 to 50 thousand dollars instead of.

In the competition of duets zwyciê that y3a Pedersen pair of David “Aqua” V. Emil “Nyhrox”. In turn, in creative mode triumfowa3 zespó3 Fish Fam.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a Multiplayer video game, in the year 2017, the Studio Epic Games. Wed3ug Data March 2019. competes in about 250 million players.