Ludovico Valley Instagram, boiling in a bikini on the beach in Dubai: “Too bona”


Ludovico Valley he left everything, with bated breath, with his last two posts in Instagram. Beautiful had a short break, and if I enjoy on the beach in Dubai. An influencer she became famous thanks to participation in the programs of Mediaset as Both men and Women, and Temptation Island. It was his springboard to start a career as a model, not only in the family. His sister, Beatrice Valley also note the damaging social and model. It is in these months, in anticipation of the arrival of their fourth child. In General, there is great unrest in the house of the Valleys.

Ludovico valley

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Ludovico Valley, and its success

And while most of us are struggling with the coronavirus and winter temperatures, Louis changes the air. Takes a plane and flies between the amazing beaches of Dubai. The term is quite rosy for the lovely model. For example, in Milan In Milan during Fashion Week Ludovico Valley announced to be “ambassador of the Italian digital Dolce and Gabbana Beauty”. A job that fills you with pride:Dreams, desires, happiness, today, luckily, you add a new pin, a great achievement for me but also a great gift that I did, in the end, I can announce a project that me in the heart.”

Photo acute

Almost two million subscribers on Instagram and all crazy about her. In addition to the joy for the success in admission, are his photos a little racier to attract attention. Sun beach chairs is blue, and she Ludovico Valley, sitting on one of those with hair in the wind. Physical carved and malignant glance. One frame only, that makes us feel as if we are admiring artwork, and on the other hand, its beauty and built the perfect image. Among the review also highlighted that Cecilia Rodriguez writes “Come on! Navigate to c****and beautiful!”. Ludovico responds with a laugh. Many even comments the recognition of the fans. “The divine”; “You’re beautiful”; “Too good”; “I don’t know, wiser”; “I can breath”.