Mercedes Henger Instagram atomic, B-side ‘returns with a compass: “What a miracle”


In your profile on Instagramwhere to stay the result is 685 followers, Mercedes Henger he posted a photo of, hold of the very sensualwith which he wanted to show the results the sacrifices in the gym. As some of you know, was dip de The Famous Island this is due to the weather forecast Lucas Peracchi, a familiar face Both men and womenand said personal trainer. The fans were so focused on the message, according to most reviews, dedicated side B the tale young hero shooting hot.

Mercedes Henger

Mercedes Henger Instagram atomic, B-side ‘returns with a compass: “What a miracle”

“For many years I practiced the wrong way , repeating always, that the hands didn’t interest me. I was doing cardio and legs until, until I met Lucas Peracchi. I was introduced to your arms and back, and so do not only I corrected posture (where we work), but he changed me completely, and physical. There is still a long way, but at least I know I’m on the right”wrote Mercedes Hengerwho then were asked one question to the fans: “You what body part you prefer to train?”. A good way to interact with users in the media, but, above all, in order to show professionalism in their better half, Lucas Peracchithat, as it seems, proved decisive for the muscles of the hands. To accompany the message, which also appears as a kind of consecration of the groom, pictures of Mercedes Henger in a tracksuit in the back. Good show B-sides from the howl, joined in the legging black super narrow. It seems the piece with the compass so much, round, perfect. Of course, well-carved hands, this long post.

“You’re sitting”, “Beautiful to put it mildly”, “Fire…”: so many compliments for the dancers

More than 20-I like and tens congratulations. “You are the most beautiful of all women”– the user said. “You’re beautiful,” replied the other. “You will see the results… What a miracle”he annotated student. And: “You’re sitting”, “Beautiful to put it mildly”, “Fire, you…”.

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