Money in Fortnite


Martin: The 16-year-old teenager wins the world Cup in Fortnite, and receives 3 million dollars. That’s more than he’s Novak Djokovic for the victory in Wimbledon. As these young people have to cope with such a big win?

Ursula Klimczak: It is beautiful. This is because you can see the direction in which the young people move. We see how well the young man managed to use his skills. Think, if he is now psychologically so Fit, how incredibly talented man. How many people had to encounter? This story is another example of this is that the intelligent people surrounded, the young players can achieve great success.

There is no doubt that the guy who won the world Cup on the game, the love of millions of people, superzdolny.

Yes. And good facilities – has the support of the parents, to do what he loves. It is always so, that if something we love, in our country, and we have smart people around you and support, it is. Imagine the disappointment of people of the advanced age of him, the games in Fortnite, because they probably think that if someone defeated so young, the time goes in the direction of. This is not true. It is understood that not only a lot of play to develop. Don’t play the level.

Now we are talking about the case, Extreme is what wins but hardly anyone will 3 million dollars. But also in Poland, people in the age – let’s call it – to win gimnazjalnym able to a few tens of thousands of dollars. How to do it, not on the head is like that? I question from the point of view of the parents.

In sports, the money will come in a very fast age. About such situations, but I would like to add something said by yourself. In my opinion, the main thing is that you have collected in your head. Let’s look at examples from the traditional sports. Our best athletes besides the fact that you are an outstanding Talent, they have family, business, know what is important in life. The young man must have family values endure. If left to themselves, the parents push it on the second Plan, because he doesn’t have to work hard, then you’ve come to expect nothing good. And it is a simple solution, 12-13-year-old boy sitting for hours in front of the Computer, and he has from the head. Aha, well, Yes, and such people do not esportowca. Implanted values, which do not know that such a competition.

That is, the development of the Psyche is more important than the development of skills?

Absolutely. To remind, what is it? The Problem Of Burnout. If someone play and know the world outside of the game, this can be a Problem. The game can not work, we without leaving any residue. This includes a lot of things. What can I do to not be beaten Sodium have started with the we. Answer: when a young man, as he is to the people they support. With your help, will not come up to the most extreme situations, that is, such that the young man flies amazing celebration of life, or builds dziuplę, in which you just sit and played more. World champion in Fortnite, and has good parents, and that’s one of the reasons for its success.

Often fame is hard, especially in this environment. More and more we hear about the “swattingu’ -“, which is under appeal to the call of the police to the home streamującego… It is very dangerous?

I’d touched on two themes – humility and the desire to show themselves. Young people love it, to praise, to Shine… this is something that was and will be. Good players have had success with women, and around them was a large interest. Today, it is not the players and professional players. It is normal for this age, but endured all to another place. In a few years to do something different, and games exhibit in the Museum. Of have two children. When my son told me what he want to develop, like the player, I would allow him. Wspierałabym, but also kontrolowałabym be. Why Fortnite so popular? 12-13-year-old, the adventures begin with this game, see it as a continuation of the fairy-tale world, from the slow-go. There was so much happening, so many colors… also, this game has) a lot of eye-catching things in life – for example, dance (the copy even stars from the world of football, goal – approx. edition. Attracts the fact that it is popular. Well and alive. Here are all of the time, changes something, adds some elements, etc. Is of the hook. Wyćwiczyliśmy that we almost тернеры, and then all of a sudden the exchange. We as a people are non-Stop, we want to be better.

About what is the popularity of the game, we speak in Poland?

In the USA it can play almost all. I think about the actual popularity of scarves, we can not say. Environmental argue typical esportowe what it is eSport or not. For me, if it is not a competition, it is so that rozgraniczać.