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Refugee Instagram becomes a combat area

Article taken from Rifroma.and Alexander Hood.
Photo: cemetery lifejackets, Lesbos

Latest, in chronological order, the face of the actress Lella Costa, in front of her, although there were hundreds of other voices joined the chorus: “Democracy, individual rights and equality before the law.”
Profile YourHope4Lesbos appeared in Instagram, as if from nowhere, a few days before February 20th, is the date when we celebrate the world Day of Social Justice, as a civil project and art, was born about the dramatic situation that she lives in a refugee camp in Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos.
The action was art group theDrama and Andrea Villa, street artist Torinese. Together they went to the island and in the so-called “cemetery life jackets” did the installation and then made a video to view on YouTube to start a campaign #YourHope4Lesbos. First photos accompany the opinion that the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Instagram spoke at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. This appeal, which in the case of Instagram, it turns out that really bad, given the conditions in the refugee camps of the Greeks, it spread like an echo, the voice of hundreds of people, that platform has repeated his words earlier in the story, then to stay in profile. Born on Syntagma square in a virtual struggle for democracy, equality and respect for rights.
Among the elements that have signed, and that today they form a wall, people YourHope4Lesbos, political, Brando Benifei, Pier Francesco Majorino, Bright Sheet, goofy Civati and Daniel Valley; composers, Levante Margherita Vicario Luca Carocci, Giorgeness, Matthew Gabbianelli, Valeria Jovine, Andrew Tartaglia and Andrew Laszlo De Simon; the characters of the world of volunteerism and culture, as an actor, Eau De Rienzo, Director Gabriele Vaccine, sister Juliana Roosters, writer Valentine Farinaccio, Francesca Vallarino Gancia, Nawal Soufi and Anthony Nigro. But for “name”, there are many individuals and volunteers, boys and girls from Italy and Greece, directly from the field, which require intervention in order to help immigrants and refugees.
“After more than ten days on the island, in direct contact with a dramatic situation and the inhuman, in which refugees are forced to live in the field of Moria, as in other fields scattered around the island in the North Aegean sea, we realized that we just can’t post a video installation and that this was just a starting point. From there the idea was born of protest,” tell theDrama and Andrea Villa.
“Protest is a match with Italy, now the goal is to make her European”, still, artists.
In fact, the wave YourHope4Lesbos does not stop. There are still many cases Instagram and ongoing art project and civil organizers of the new initiatives in key European countries, who are ready to ignite attention to the dramatic conditions in which comes to refugees on the island of Lesbos. During the first days of February, in the same press-Secretary of UNHCR Andrew Maher said, “More than 36 thousand persons, asylum-seekers now live in reception centres and in five Islands, designed primarily to about 5 thousand people. We are seriously concerned about the limited access to health services, in reception centres, worsening the difficult living conditions”.