Ricky Martin, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron: some celebrities have already made arrangements, prior to the coronavirus | Shows The thick and The Thin


alejandra: 12 years rúl.

rúl: ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of

things on the program, in the e

today. but the thing is…

the of peículas

hollywood, and you think that the

the world ends, and in this

time to think: what is


the coronavirus is it

the whole world to grab.

in this moment, a little while ago

on the stock exchange

ends close to a

érdidas ehr large

history. ends up losing

the can today, have to

lost more than 2000 points,

the other 1000 points, this is in a different

so to say: if you

you think, look it up in the morning, esás


now the preocupacón is that

the portal is described, photos of

some of the most famous bear

áscara face treatment

contrary, the iícito I

I for installation in aircraft.

alexandra: exactly, kim

kardashian, floyd mayweather,

ricky martin, they are all there

fotograías and artists

latinos. what you have there…

I think you have to do it.

a lot of people of you can handle,

what esán make

rúl: no, it’s not funny.

alexandra: a lot of people í


rúl: it is not exaggerated

nothing, it is what

ú you can do. and if they beat you

in a avón I’m not montaía

but the áscara.

there are people who say that the

áscara helps you and others

doctors have not said that you you

help for nothing. no matter

qé kind of áscara be.

alexandra: but not all


rúl that those who say that they will help,

there are other doctors that say,

the not help.

alejandra: n 95, the

áscaras that the

édicos, if you are going to enter

quiófano with patients

do you have any disease

contagious. you help

no way.

rúl: now there is the coronavirus

around the world in all

continents less in anártica.

as is reported, in the world

integer. I am

worried. personally, I am in

of this are affected.

I had the pleasure of

be in a hundred and tip

píses in the world. I am