Selena Gomez ignored the negative comments about her appearance


The American singer Selena Gomezafter this was criticised, because of their physical appearance, because the audience shows through the abuse of beauty operations, and editing your photos.

Recently, the singer has shared some images on social networks, where your cheekbones look more pronounced, and the muzzle pointed morewhat has triggered all kinds of reviews by the Internet users.

As the fans of the singer, Gómez has decided, for the acid hyaluronic acid you stretch your skinthough there are others that write the changes to the physical use botox.

Also, the interpreter was accused overdo it with the editing of your photos in the social network, a situation that has always been refused, because it says not to demonstrate against something,.

“Don’t listen to these crazy social networks. You still have some fans, the maturity, the love you really and respect,” wrote one of her fans in defense of the interpreter.

“Is it my imagination, or Selena and he was hand-in-hand with botox or hyaluronic acid?”, wrote another supporter, but the singer has, the comments are ignored.

Selena was an example for his followers, the message of acceptance, the share in each photo and more content is displayed, in accordance with your body.