Social Volleyball: the report for February. Modena, always on top. Instagram channel top


MODENA – New data social ENTERPRISE Sports. Business Unit, the ENTERPRISE, published this morning at 4. edition “The Volleyball League” Reporttool for analysis and follow on social media teams high-temperature mens.

The superalloy

461 thousand Facebook fans results: The club, which grows primarily in the last month of the Real Vero Monza (+2,17%). Always on top of Modena with 97.8 k f, second place in Perugia with a 91.8 k f, pu Trnd (83,7 k) and Civitanova 83,6 k).

TWITTER 117 results– Piacenza, at the height of 0 observed last month, writes, given the percentage of growth is higher on Twitter, but the channel with 53 new subscribers haven’t chirped… the greatest growth remains in Monza +1,98%, company 8. place. At the peak of Trent with 33.5 k subscribers, silver in Civitanova with 23.8 k, with k 20.0 Modena and Perugia fourth with 11.8 K.

INSTAGRAM 600 subscribers results – Modena is at the top and boasts a big increase for the month of 4.42%, the club is at a height of 153.8 K. Always follow the other three of the club top: Civitanova 131.8 k 119.5 k Trento and Perugia-90.4 K.

YOUTUBE 48 NSAIDs results: Platform which requires more “work”to ensure that the product quality is not by chance sees the summit in Trento from 11 to subscribe to the feed(+1,85%) for all to Modena, Perugia and Civitanova. Well, Padua, which he laid on video Japanese dedicated to Ishikawa (+3,55%). Other growths pompous to the data of interest are those Tank (+8,29%) and Milan (+4,42%), but it growths at the base is added the weak.

TOTAL – The result still sees the top Modena in General, 281.4 k f 4 social channels, and then Trento, Civitanova and Perugiamore and more part of 200 f, all growth from 2,66% to 0.97%. Just above 200, and the amount of social channels of the other 9 club. Last time the increase in Piacenza (8.4 k). This month you are invited overtaking with Container, which rises to 9th place Vibo Valentia, which falls on the 10th