Star YouTube zbanowana in Fortnite for fraud


Fortnite practically since the launch is very popular, and many famous people from all over the world, the charm of the game. The athletes are exposed to Fortnite why , then, the Cheats for free rider? Epic Games just banned the popular Jarvis, star YouTube.

Jarvis is the Creator of YouTube, as well as a member of the FaZe Clan. Was for the release of Videos in which he used FortniteĀ aimbot (guaranteed to be locked almost flawless shooting). Due to the fact that the devastation in the popular modes, battle royale.

Of course, after all this turmoil, Jarvis released a Video in which she apologizes for her behavior. He explains that something has been done badly, but also that he will think only about “how fun and exciting” to be in his movies, but not about the consequences of such behavior.

Epic Games has announced the ban on DC, that is undeniable. There was already criticism of such penalty, in particular The Fortnite Gaius. He claims that the punishment is unjust. As the argument of the players who cheated were not in tournaments, but even a penalty. Fraud even allowed in the world Cup Fortnite.

Epic Games released a special statement. Noticed that it helps a “zero tolerance policy” in case, if you use the Software, in the machinations. The company wants to such behavior, to reward players who play by the rules. Fraud cases, you can harass and hinder the rest of the games. All kinds of Bots ruin the e-sports, so that the manufacturers have no zahamowani and quickly refuse this type of behavior.