Taylor Swift is a man in his new video “The Man”


Taylor Swift premiere on Thursday music video the fourth single from their album Lover, “The Man”.

The song, the artist wrote, in collaboration with Joel Littlethe sample in the role of a people and how will develop the various situations in the life of this position.

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For the video clip, the pop star turned literally into a man, he shall look male to distinguish that it is difficult, really.

In addition, his performance fits the negative image of the genrethe display, as an unpleasant ‘alpha male’, the screams, their colleagues, leads fixed on yachts and is praised as the “the best dad in the world“just spend time with your child.

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At the end of the video, the subject appears in the set, and asks that interprets instructions of their superiors ─, also of Taylor Swift─ with his voice folded Dwayne Johnson.

This music video was directed Taylor Swift solo for the first time in his career. Previously, the singer was among other music productions for their singles “I!”, “You Need to Calm Down” and “Lover”.

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Swift, had already expressed his intention to this theme in a song. “I have asked myself several times: ‘If I lived to be a man instead of a woman, and would have my life, exactly in the same way, what would you have told people about me?'”, after he thought.

“The Man” was on the radio station, the 27. January. Later, the video-lyric delivery on 7. February and 10 days later, sang live at one of her concerts in Paris.