Tester Fortnite sued Epic Games for the revelation of secrets, Chapter 2


After the mysterious end of the last season Fortnite and Marketing campaign, caused the great interest among the Fans of the popular battle royala (on Twitchu eventually transfer the games millions of people) even flew Chapter 2the Header before the universe has many new features. Ronald Sykes, D. H. one of the testers of the game, is certainly not pleasant, remembered the events of the last few weeks, because Epic Games sued him before the court due to early disclosure of information about places to visit, updated with a new Chapter. The authors of the action accuses him, in particular, due to violation of the provisions of the agreement on confidentiality over the Details in connection with the production battle royale. The developer claims that bore and continues to bear the losses due to leakage, and, in addition, the defendant in the community of surprise, ruin might.

Tester was Fortnite is suing Epic Games, after he betrayed important information about the upcoming games in Chapter 2.


The above Surfer, under the Pseudonym of Invisiblellama9 access to the information about the upcoming season, was hiding, in the last month, and a few days after this fact, a number of publications of leaks on your twitterowym began, which ultimately, despite a certain degree of scepticism in their coverage found in fact. Confirmed, for example, the realization of the functions of swimming, but also threw in a picture of your new Position, in which the authenticity of wątpiło Fortnite most of the users. According to the representative of the Epic Tester in a certain degree, the tension destroyed, built by the company for a long time and, by the way, disappointed the trust of the colleagues from the Studio. Now they are demanding full compensation for their losses.

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It is not the first of this type of Situation. We will remind, that in the year 2018, the Epic Games Tester, the prematurely reveal the Details of the third season of Fortnite sued. Well, it is to be hoped that in the future persons in connection with the Studio no longer ruin the game and the Moment of waiting, Fans Fortnite, despite two years of presence in the industry is still one of the most popular, if not the most popular products in the world.