The model of Victoria’s Secret posed selfie, and stands for the skinny magazine, Marie Claire


Kelly Gale shows the stomach of the negative ” (photo: playback/Instagram)

In addition to angel, Kelly Gale, a model, 22 years old, and it is a muse site. In your profile in Instagram, a nice set often, your training, and diet fitness. On the morning of Friday, not in the stories of Instagram, Kelly a selfie in the gym released show off the waist note, and the belly to dry, and was impressed by the possibilities, with a little skimmed.

Kelly has mentioned in the past that the power of 2-3 hours of the day and the routine of the training sessions includes no less than yoga, running, Boxing, and power walking. She was born and raised in Sweden, dr. Kelly is the daughter of an Indian mother and Australian father, and began his career as a 13 years of age or older.

Kelly Gale in the parade of Victoria’s Secret (picture: Getty Images)

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