“The”, probably, is in the mode Battle Royale


Epic Games has already Royale acquaintance with his penchant for Crossover in Fortnite Battle. We have already with the participation of Johnny Вицка, Avengersów, or Stranger Things, and it seems that the time has come to “It” (originally, “It”). How do these findings? On the battlefield, there were very many red balloons.

Contrary to popular belief, Fortnite is an ideal place for a multivariate, the evil Clown that like to eat children. Says at the end that in Battle Royale the same 12-year-old girl to play, isn’t it? But seriously, a Crossover with “Chapter 2” is almost certain. This is also the red balloons, confirm fly from the grating of the sewage, the whole map Fortnite. If zestrzelicie one of them, hear you laugh, a distinctive, demonic.

What do you think about these kind of conversations in Multiplayer games?