Throw in a big barrel in Fortnite? What is known about the sixth Trailer


Epic Games released another Trailer, already the sixth.

The new, sixth Trailer contains relatively little news. In the background is not visible, there is nothing special, and the main role seems to be playing a big bottle in the middle.

The players have tried to brighten up the Trailer on a variety of different ways, however, that there was little. In the background is nothing special, as well as on the fragments of the gas cylinder.

It seems that we learn more, go to the following role. Here we have the establishment of the in the previous Previews.

What is with this Tank?

The balloon is probably the Installation on the that there is in the game. The player suggests that maybe he could finish it.

But it was not confirmed in any case and is only based on my own research. So far, one of the least interesting Trailer seems.