To see Jennifer Lopez and more, the natural power and networks

Jennifer Lopez we used to play with your styling and appearance several ‘looks to power in a short period of time’ various. Like many other well-known, wigs a ally of the time, that the singers can show a different picture, but now he has decided to teach its supporters how it is your natural hair.

The singer wished to be displayed, the way it is outside of the make-up and the hairdressers experts and has published a picture, on the appears, with your natural hair, short and with the pony open.

A hairstyle, which shows according to the scene, in photography while working in the studio: “Back in the studio workin on my skills,” (Back to the studio, work on my skills), in addition to other musicians on a piano.

This hairstyle, which has little or nothing to do with that we saw a few weeks ago during the ‘SuperBowl‘on the impressive performance, staged her and Shakira by gala female power and latin.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira won with his show in the 'SuperBowl'.
Jennifer Lopez and Shakira won with his show in the ‘SuperBowl’.

How could it be otherwise, the singer has won in their networks. Photography has filled ‘I like‘and comments on, the stress that the singer, regardless of style, is gorgeous.