Trish, Like the Wind, the Gold standard points to Instagram in the right like sexy cosplay


Even if The Wind Of Goldlast season, the output de Bizarre adventure JoJoover the past several months, fans worldwide, just can’t break away from the series. And while I wait for news and the announcement of a sequel, Stone Ocean, comfort in trial, the work conceived by Araki showing a cosplayer of various kinds.

Just do a quick search in the Internet and social channels to find a large number, but a large number of costumes designed by fans, in the form of de JoJo Bizarre adventure. Some of them are done very well, others less, but it doesn’t change passion and love that every day, readers will leave the series.

Passion through not just cosplay but even with the illustrations of artists who love to play in the various forms presented Araki. Yesterday we showed you one piece of fan art featuring the main Stand, which will be seen in action in the next Chapter of the series that everyone is waiting for: Stone Ocean.

Today, instead of having to go to the cosplay. In particular, the suit that he made go crazy on the website. To do this, it is the cosplayers in Instagram @shirogane_sama he reached dizzying range, as well-36 thousand. As you can see, you with photographs, is given in the end of this article, decided to play the role of a hero who got the role of the first plan in the season the Wind is the Gold standard, we’re talking about Trish A Few. And not only hair, was able to accurately reproduce, but even in a dress, quite revealing and sexy.

We were very satisfied with the treatment that the cosplayer ordered this dress, but all those implements, and then mail, page, Instagram, and you? What do you think about this interpretation, trish? He knew Shirogane Itself? Let us know below in the comments.

The day Joan moved into the 17th century, this beautiful cosplay.