Virtual Poland – Everything is important


The new year is already in less than a month, and Epic Games announced a new round of the competition Fortnite Royale Winter. This year edition is the largest, which was not previously organized. The prize pool is up to $ 15 million.

So great competitions заслонят everything except the strongest of the world Cup in Fortnite. Shortly before Christmas, namely 20, 21 and 22. December, every player can participate in this Event.

Potentially, each player can enrich Fortnite

And this is regardless of the platform and of the Region. To fight a fair game, Epic Games was the individual Gameplay for each of the systems, not to favor the player from the PC. In this case, the lovers of Fortnite Nintendo will Switch or PS4 will have the same Chance, and komputerowcy be equal to itself (at least under the angle of the platform).

Every day is exactly $ 5 million for payments to the employment. Each with подсечкой in Fortnite may money the owner a large sum of. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the exact information about Fortnite Royale Winter of 2019, but Epic Games should soon disperse understatement.