Who Is Nicolai Gorodiskii? Age, growth, Friends, 19 and Instagram


OneWho is Nicolai Gorodiskii: age, height and personal life

Nicholas Gorodiskii founded in 1995, in Lviv, Ukraine. It age thus, 25 yearswhile on his height I have no information. About her personal life, we know that due to the strong radiation present in his country of origin, with his family, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he spent his childhood and youth.

However, it is not so simple, and so the dancer spent four years in the Floresta community. Despite the difficulties and numerous sacrifices, Nicholas approaching the world of dance, and gradually decides to change his passion into a real job.

Nicholas Gorodiskii so he began to attend the art Institute of The Colon Theatreand then to get to The Ballet Academy. Here shows his great talent, and at the age of 13 years, he won two gold medals in a Dance competition America, and then to win a scholarship that allows him to participate Vienna State Opera Schoolwhere he received a bachelor’s degree. Here he can develop his skills, and his name will be known in the international arena.

After winning numerous important awards, and the dance begins to work with well-known companies, including National Ballet of Ukraineand San Francisco Balletin Royal New Zeland Ballet and Croatian national Theatre in Zagreb. In 2020, Nicholas he decides to take part in Friends, 19and with a new and unprecedented experience. He learned more on his way to school 5 Channel.

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