You will receive 300 V-bucks in Fortnite, if you bought this case. Epic made a mistake


Epic Games have made a mistake, if the price of the skins.

This does not happen too often, while in fact, Epic Games made a mistake. At the Shop, the issue appeared to be with a bad price. As a result, the Person who purchased it, get a refund of 300 V dollars.

Amount is not given to you as quickly as possible, but a specific date or time.

The Return Of The 300 V-Bucks

Here it comes to the Skin Heartbreaker in the Shop for 1500 V-Dollar. Epic, on the contrary, and the skin 1200 V Dollar should cost. As a result, the price of the Skins changed, and the people who bought it earlier will get the refund of the 300 V-bucks.

It is not known if the player does not expect an additional salvation, rather, we expect it to. Such situations are extremely rare, and I have a long time no additional gifts for this type of error.