Zara, what ‘peta’ sale replica belt of Kim Kardashian


The sisters Kardashian “dominate” the world of fashion and beauty is not a novelty. A few days ago, Primark Association with the prestigious hairdresser of the protagonists Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Andrew Fitzsimonsto start, a collection with all products and accessories, the capillaries, with which you can get a hairstyle, infarction, is worth a real Kardashian. The line AF X Primark collects shampoos, conditioner, oils seal the tips, masks, shampoos, dry, combs, coleteros, brushes, hair dryer and so on. Of course, the success is secured. The Irish company was not the only one to “use” the success of the sisters and Zara what is respected, thanks to one of the last genius of the Kardashian known for pranks, Kim.

A few months ago, the wife of Kanye West surprised his millions of fans with his latest adventure. The entrepreneur revolucionaba the industry clothing with the inner side with Skimsthe company clothing-reducing the modeling of the figure and the strengthening of those areas that you want. From ribbons and monkeys, to bodies and fixtures. The collection was released on 10. september and was a resounding success in sales was about us $ 2 million in just a few minutes. Zara has not delayed, “replicate” a socialite and has her own line of girdles style Skims.

Collection Of ‘Shape-Controll Effect’ (Zara).

The collection was baptized ‘Shape Control Effect’ and at the moment there are only three pieces of clothing in the color black: a top, a pair of leggings cut, pirates, and a dress mini set tank top. According to the description of the flagship Zara, the dress from fabric, formed, defined, and without limitation of the movements, a straight neckline and adjustable spaghetti straps, and is available for 19,95 euro.

Dress from Zara
Dress fabric-hot-air Curling brush (Zara / 19,95 €).

The leggings are of value 17,95 euro and, finally, the top in 12,95 euro. Although this first round, with only a few products, be sure that the Empire of Amancio Ortega, the batteries are quickly and surprised with new models and colors. | (READ: sheets: the styles are more ‘trans -‘ of the Queen)have marked the date