Alessandra Ambrosio in the parade of Victoria’s Secret: “Everything has an end.” – 14/12/2019


Super a top Alessandra Ambrósio launched this week in Sao Paulo, the scope of its brand, the fashion, the beach, the GAL Party in the multi-SECTOR lake, in the Cidade Jardim Shopping center. The label was from the top of the page her sister Aline Ambrosio, and a best friend, you Cória, it is the result of a childhood dream. “We wanted to do were always our own, since we were kids. So, it is a dream come true,” says the model in the chat Universa.

Two collections have been launched, with the DELAY, it is the first stage of Alessandra Ambrosio as the business woman of fashion. Prior to this, at the top, it was well-known for its fashion shows for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, the fashion show, which mixed music show with a parade of lingerie, has been cancelled for this year. For this reason, it is not impossible for them to comment, it brought the end of the show you a little bit about the market in which it is published. “I’m sorry, [with cancellation], but we also understand that, like everything else in life, things that have a beginning, a middle and an end.”

In addition to being a feast for the models that have participated, and Janice recalls that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a great event for close friends. “We had a pajama party, where we will see together, the broadcast of the show. I already had in our history.” But on the top, you don’t think that this is the “end of the world”. “You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You can come back with some innovations.”

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing your favorite model, and the Gaya.

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing your favorite model, and the Gaya. “It gives me the freedom, playing with my kids and do yoga”

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The girl from Florianopolis

It was the first time that Janice created, for example, she said that the whole process was a big challenge. “We have it all on your own, we have learned the hard way.” Although I don’t know how to label on the foot, Ambrose already has a lot of light on his head, the one, the GAL, the island, which on their parts. “She is the girl from Florianópolis: cool, connected with nature,” he says.

Today, the brand’s two collections were published, and it has two models, the clothes, and the three of the color, divided into different shades of color. Each piece costs between$ 250 and$ 458. The top is Brazilian, which, she says, is becoming more and more popular in the international market. “This is the consequence of a more globalized world.”

However, in addition to its size, it has also made it a point that the production of tank tops, briefs, panties, and parts that only have a hand in the work in Brazil. “We wanted the jobs in my country and to work with the girls here, they know how to do it in a bikini like no one else.” In the model that tells him that there is a place for women in a variety of roles to play. “My favorite is the Gaya, this top is a little bigger, because it gives me the freedom to play with my kids on the beach and in the afternoon, and you just have to create the shorts that I am ready to practice yoga, for example.”

This is a concern to do when creating pieces that fit in the day-to-day consumer, it is a lot of with the connection you have with the earth.” “It is very important to us, so much so that our symbol is the sacred Feminine. In addition, we want you to celebrate the Union of the female. Finally, we built a brand for women who love too much.”