At the end of the week, the Resort is the capital of the back, Rio is


Photo: City Of Seattle/Handout

The Seminar will Claretiano, Rua Padre Roberval Laperer, S/N) is
as the host for the 6. The bottom of the poetry, rio grande do sul and 2. in the strength of Tomorrow’s event, the
will take place on Saturday (the 28th), from 19h. Of course, to the hundreds of
Visitors from all over the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Seattle will be the capital
The Back Rio Grande Do Sul.

Some of the top readers (artists), and
amadrinhadores (the musicians accompany the performers) arrive in the city
the event is sponsored by the city of Seattle by the Department
The Municipal culture, sports and leisure (SMCEL), and the Department of communication
Social events (DCSE). In addition to a lot of poetry, is at the event, or keep
the internet will help you to a concert of the singer, Joe Martinez, one of the biggest names in the
the music of rio grande do sul, offers a repertoire focused on the campeirismo, make
in the course of his career.

The event is considered to be the most popular of the poems in the type of
The state is in the audience, and the number of competitors, and it starts with the presentation of the
Artists, children and youth (eight-to 16-years old) on the floor by Morning. 10
you move on to the last, you are the poetry finalists for the were declaiming
the previous editions of the pillars of poetry in the rio grande do sul, and in other festivals of this genre
in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazil. You will be awarded with trophies, two
the best in each category, and all participants will receive a prize
of$ 500 to qualify for the final.

After that, it will be the turn of the readers will as well, more “taludos”
you just go on stage and perform, for the first time to the public at 10.
the works selected by a Committee of judges under the 451 students in the
the festival of the poems are previously unpublished. The big names are, and calls for an end to the present, as Peter’s
Junior Fontoura, is in all of the editions, such as artist, Dj Weber
(the best reciter in the fall of 2017) and Liliana Cardoso, also in the
Topics such as presenter, interpreter, tester, get back on the stage
the festival esteiense. On the other hand, a performance artist, also we take for granted
Her debut on the strength of the poem. Is it the case that He Marcorra, Priscila Campeol,
Odo of the most famous of the latter-day saints, Brian de Bittencourt, Paula Daniele String, Érico
Padilha, Rodrigo and Jorge Cassep, which comes directly from the city of Sorriso, in the
State of Mato Grosso, will be presented. The amadrinhamento name in the first line of the
the world of film festivals and poetry, and the music, such as George Will, William
Andrade, Danilo Kühn, Neal, Silveira Junior, Joao Bosco Ayala rodriguez and
Mario, Tressoldi, among other great musicians.

The top three poems, reciters, and amadrinhadores
Earn trophies, as well as the best Work on the stage and in the poetry of Most of the
Popular is chosen by public vote on the profile of the festival on Facebook
( to do as soon as the last runner in the night, it
his or her presentation. All of the 10 finalists for the festival of the poems are previously unpublished
You will receive$ 2, thousand in order to qualify. The poet and the winner gets a
Fishing trip for the three days of the ” primary sport fishing, the better
Reciter you get a knife from Mauro market for Cutlery with sheath, ” El Paysano
Sogueria of the Creoles, and the best of amadrinhador free scarf for a pass-
Silver pratero Amauri Moura.

The winners of both the poetry and the power of the
Tomorrow was composed by a Committee of judges, as Paul de Freitas
Mendonça (poet, pajador, singer-songwriter, author, radio presenter and journalist), Tanja
But (declamadora and journalist), Marcelo Dávila (poet, singer, songwriter, and
a physician) at a meeting in the house of culture, Lufredina Araujo Gaya on 7. July
in the end of December. The order in which it was held and live on the
8. Day of January, directly to the workshop Claretiano.

The order of presentation

The 2. Soil of Tomorrow


Reciter: John, Peter, Simonatto (St. George)

Poem: Verse and reverse of a medal in the war, by Carlos
Omar Gomes Villela (3 Seival da Poesia Gaúcha, São Lourenço do Sul, 2002)

Amadrinhador: Jean-Baptiste Olive (Veranopolis)

Reciter: Henry, Apollo Ferreira (São Leopoldo)

Poem: “The Left Hand Of God, Henrique Fernandes (4.
The salon of poetry in the rio grande do sul, Santa Maria, 2017)

Amadrinhadores: Jorge Araujo (São Leopoldo) and Mark Medeiros (canoe)

Declamadora: a vampire suicide Smith (Rs)

Poem: “The throw from Carlos Omar Gomes Villela and
Bergmam 3 pillars of poetry, rio grande do sul, 2017)

Amadrinhador: Italo Rossi (Rs)

Declamadora: Gabriéli of the rosary, the saints of the last days (Passo Fundo)

Poem: “letter to Carpideira of Joseti Gomes, Rodeo
In English, In The Barn, 2016)

Amadrinhador: William Andrade (Passo Fundo)

Declamadora: Camilly De Rock (Parobé)

Poem: “A little girl who just Wanted to grow up, Bergmam (2
Strength in the poetry of rio grande do sul, 2016)

Amadrinhador: Jorge Araujo (São Leopoldo)

The Youth

Declamadora: A Proof Of The Ante Nerves (Holy Water)

Poem: “Adam, the Builder of the labyrinth, the Joséti Gomes
(The 2. Collection of the poems of Abdon Batista-SC, 2018)

Amadrinhador: Angelo Bedin (Marau)

Reciter: João Gabriel Guimarães, (New York)

Poem: a novel of the Assoviador, Matheus Costa, 1. The bottom of the
Poetry In Rio Grande Do Sul, 2018)

Amadrinhador: Jorge Araujo (São Leopoldo)

Declamadora: Anne Freitas Bittencourt (The International Community)

Poem: “I, Thorn, Henrique Fernandes (17 allocation of
Poetry In Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Maria, 2012)

Amadrinhador: John-Soledad (Church)

Declamadora: Julia Pink Star (United States)

Poem: The Raven by Luis Lopes de Souza (9 Bivaque of the poem
Rio grande do sul, Campo Bom, 2011)

Amadrinhador: Jorge Araujo (São Leopoldo)

Declamadora: Edward Cechet (Was)

A poem About the little boy, and trains, and Carlos Omar Gomes Villela and
Bergmam (1. Seival of the music is Instrumental, and the Good he Is
The South, 2017)

Amadrinhador: William Andrade (Passo Fundo)

6 pillars of poetry
Rio grande do sul

Poem: I love you and you Only – Carlos Omar Villela Gomes, Nicholas
Lifeline -)

Reciter: George Cassepp (Sorriso – MT)

Amadrinhador: Geraldo Trindade (Porto Alegre)

Poem: Always there for you, the work of art by Joaquim Old

Declamadora: Barbara de Bittencourt (Alegrete)

Amadrinhadores: the Bible, Old and Gonçalves (Porto Alegre)

Poem: “the word that I said to Adam and Ecuador
Lawrence from the South)

Reciter: Peter Junior Fontoura (Bento Goncalves)

Amadrinhador: Kent Kuhn (São Lourenço do Sul)

Poem: “Ode on the death – Kinky Valente (program)

Declamadora: Priscila Campeol (The International Community)

Amadrinhador: Marcus Morais (Porto Alegre)

Poem: “Retornança – Matheus Costa (Dom Pedrito)

Reciter: Érico Rodrigo Padilla (Caxias do Sul)

Amadrinhador: Matheus Costa

Poem: “the flowers of the Maçanilha – Joseti Gomes (United States)

Declamadora: Paula Daniele Stringhi (Caxias do Sul)

Amadrinhador: William Andrade (Passo Fundo)

Poem: The little Boy a guitar – Jurema, Jurema preta, key (São Leopoldo)

Reciter: He Malcorra (Porto Alegre)

Amadrinhador: Jorge Araujo (São Leopoldo)

Poem: silence – ” Jadir Oliveira (goal), and Adam and Peter
Bernardes (New York)

Declamadora: Liliana Cardoso (Porto Alegre)

Amadrinhadores: Nilton Junior-Int (Santo Antônio da Patrulha) and the John Bosco Ayala Rodrigues (porto alegre)

Poem: “Sextinas-of-late-Night – Moses, Especially that of the
Born In São Paulo (Itaara)

Reciter: Julia Weber, A Modern Office Building)

Amadrinhador: According To Tressoldi (Tramandaí)

Poem: Peter Fog – Arabi Rodrigues (New York)

Reciter: Odo of the most famous of the saints (St. Mary’s)

Amadrinhador: Paul Smith (New York)