‘BBB’ at 20: why Gizelly worked in the high-profile case


Gizelly Bicalho be in the 'BBB' and 20 Gizelly Bicalho be in the ‘BBB’ and 20 ” (photo: playback)

The newly announced in – “BBB -‘ 20, in the state of espírito santo Gizelly Bicalhothe 28-year-old, he works as a lawyer for criminal defense. At the end of last year, the woman, the main role in a high-profile case in the state.

She represented the family of a young Chesley of olive-Trarbach 20-year-old, who was killed by law enforcement officials, members of the military, during a approach that in the vicinity of the Mucuri, in the Ign. According to them, was not involved the young man to the crime, and it would be cowardly murdered by the agents. The death of Chesley, caused uproar in the population of the region, and that had to do a few.


After the announcement, supporters of the participants to reproduce.

Bianca de Andrade, at the mouth of the Rose, has the internet already in the controversy over the

In an interview with TV Gazeta, connected with the world (in ENGLISH, Gizelly, said:

“What was the crime that he committed? That is why he was a thin young man, who was alone on a motorcycle, riding in a foreign district? It is a criminal offence?”.

In November, a report from the police noted that there has been an excess of Smp.

The team of ‘BBB’, Gizelly was in love with his profession, and said that, if you devote a lot of for the purpose of being recognized as the best in their field.

As we all know, in the issue, the 20 years of the reality show celebrates, the participants will be divided into two groups: the a group in the field, the well known to the people, and a bowl of popcorn, made by anonymous. Gizelly in the second group.

As the column went forward, Daniel-the Rock is currently out-of-contract with the world, and in the air in “the brothers de Freitas,” from Amazon, this was one of the linked, but not on his / her participation. The invitation created discomfort for some participants.


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