Cara Delevingne is a liar Justin Bieber, and welcomes the Rihanna | Today


Cara Delevingne very active networks that do not cut this weekend, and was to criticize a hair to Justin Bieber and support the words Rihanna. A lime-and a further arena for the celebrities. And since we know that the model can Express any concerns, what they feel without a filter.

The first was Bieber. The promotion is in full of your new plate and drove through the program James Corden. There is this section in which you answer a question unpleasant, or eating something disgusting. In front of a plate of the penis of the bull, the singer decided to answer the question, what are the best girlfriends of his wife.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevinge. The the order was the singer suggested. He said that all the had was Kendall, Gigi has to look and the face had no relationship.

It seems that the model decided to not agree with the words of Justin, and, it in networks. He attached the video in this section, in addition to a few photos of them together. “Now vs before. If you don’t turn anything against me, why me? I want you Hailey Bieberhe would have eaten the penis of the bull”.

Zasca published, you have generated a dispute in the marriage… or not. The case is not the only celebritie over the spoken face this weekend. Also words for Rihanna, if also much more pleasant.

The singer received the prize of the President in the 51 edition of the NAACP Awards. “Rihanna has not only enjoyed a career as an innovative artist and musician, but was also awarded as an official public stellar,” he said Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP.

“Since their commercial success by Fenty, up to his vast experience as an activist and philanthropist, Rihanna it embodies the type of character, grace and devotion to the justice that we find particularly noteworthy is the award for our President“added to search, the Supreme representative of these awards, rewarding the rise of the culture of the black.

Face did not hesitate, collect a few words from the speech of the singer: “Only we can in this world. We can not be divided. I can’t stress enough. We can not allow to filter the insensitivity”.

“Thank you for your powerful words of Rihanna, you’re an icon and an inspiration for all of us“he said in the same networks, in which a short time before the destination is a zasca Bieber.