Chris Evans in the remake of “Little Shop of Horrors” and More


The Actor Chris Evans.

The Actor Chris Evans. Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

It was by means of a retuíte actor Chris Evans he was in the vicinity of a recognition of the competence of him as a villain in the new movie The Little Shop of Horrors.

According to the magazine The Hollywood Reporterthe artists will interpret in the negotiations, in order to, for the dentist Orin Scrivello.

The Actress Scarlett Johansson it is also listed, for the production. A meeting of the two on the big screen, which are involved in the Captain America and The avengershe encouraged all of his fans.

On Twitter, Evans retuitou the news about the negotiations with an emoji of a tooth, and an exclamation point in it. In the comments, the enthusiasm was great: “I have said in the statement that I was the one who asked, “Yes,” he with a chase.

The Little Shop of Horrors it tells the story of the flower shop Seymour works in a flower shop, which is going to be in the business. He is secretly in love with colleague Audrey, who would be played by Scarlett, whose boyfriend is an abusive and sadistic dentist.

Also according to the magazine, the Warner Bros. is behind the design, and including a potential actors for quite some time, Taron Egertonwho lived in the Elton John Rocketmanfor the role of Seymour.

The Singer Billy Porter, The it has already been confirmed to be the voice for the carnivorous plant discovered by the flower shop, and feeds on the blood and flesh of a human being. Egerton, and Scarlett would be in the various stages of the negotiations, but it is not yet clear whether the agreement will be terminated.